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From Ashes to Empires

World Map

The world of From Ashes to Empires is a setting inspired by the technology and architecture of the mid-20th century. It's not specifically inspired by one single decade, but rather a few of them, including the 40's and 60's.

While almost every country shown above plays a role in the story, The Haelian Empire is where FATE takes place, so I'll mainly focus on there.

Map of the Haelian Empire


World Map

The world of Reclaimed is divided into four main areas: The Kingdoms of Alohnsohn, Emaria, and Ivory Cliffs, and the Deep Forest (the dark green area). This is a post-post-apocalytpic world. Long ago, human civilization was completely enveloped by nature through a series of natural disasters and the uncontrollable growth of plant life in cities, towns, and villages. Since then, civilizations have been rebuilt in the these four regions (as well as another region far off to the west, but I don't plan on developing that place any time soon), though they're still at the mercy of nature. All except for Grand Courois, the capital of Alohnsohn, which is fighting against becoming overgrown as hard as its prince can.

The Kingdom of Alohnsohn

Grand Courois, the capital of Alohnsohn, has influenced the rest of the region significantly to the point where the entire kingdom is based on France and Gothic architecture. It has a temperate climate and experiences all four seasons - I'll probably end up making its environment close to real-life France. Alohnsohn's territory does stretch a bit into the mountains to the east, so eastern Alohnsohn is quite cold compared to the rest of the kingdom (still nowhere near as cold as Emaria's mountains, though).

The Kingdom of Emaria

Emaria is a cold land filled with taigas, tundras, and glaciers at its northernmost point. The region is somewhat based on Scandinavia's biomes and old Norse culture.

The Kingdom of Ivory Cliffs

I really wanted to include a desert region in Reclaimed, but didn't want to go with any West Asian region since I know I wouldn't be able to do it justice. At first I tried basing it on the southwestern US but decided against that too. Instead, this region's environment is based on the Tabernas desert in Spain, as well as other biomes located in Spain. Its capital, Raudar, is a massive underground city located at the bottom of a canyon.

The Deep Forest and Azandele

Azandele is an old city hidden within a dense, dark forest - the Deep Forest. However, when one steps into the city, the forest transforms into towering, but open, canopies with sunlight streaming between the leaves. Like the other cities in this world, Azandele has been mostly reclaimed by nature but plenty of people are still living there. Branches and even full trees twist around old stone structures, some branches are used as walkways and roads, and some hollowed-out trees are used as homes.