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A war for resources has broken out between the Haelian Empire, its northern neighbor Northland, and other nearby world powers. Pockets of precious jewels, which are religiously important to the Empire, as well as oil have been discovered in Northland, which they're unwilling to hand over without a significant sum of money. Other nations join forces with Northland against the Empire, promised some of its precious resources in return, to form the Federation of World Powers, or FWP.

The war begins, displacing hundreds of families from the Empire's northern border, and one of those families is Danny's. After his family is captured by the FWP, Danny is forced to flee south into the Central Provinces along with Valtteri, until they come across a commune at the base of the Western Range. Here, Danny meets Rui, and a darker side of Valtteri begins to creep through his prickly, though overall unassuming exterior. As the FWP crawls further south and more and more civilian resistances begin to pop up, Danny has to decide how to protect his new family and rescue his old.

TWs and CWs

TWs and CWs vary from chapter to chapter (you can view chapter-specfiic warnings by clicking the 'more' tab in the top right of the page on desktop), but the major ones are war, death, and violence. The intended audience is adults, so just keep that in mind.


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