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1. You agree to not mint my work(s) as an NFT or multiple NFTs.

2. You may not use my work to directly generate a profit, unless that is the previously agreed upon purpose of the work. For example, using one of my props in a stream that generates income is okay, but selling one of my illustrations on a T-shirt or other merchandise without telling me that that is your intent is not.

3. I have the right to refuse commissions and/or commissioners that don't align with my values. This includes right-wing individuals and NFT artists and/or collectors, for example.

4. If I'm unable to complete a commission due to my life circumstances, you will be given a full refund. However, if I'm at least half way through a commission (usually this means I'm past the sketching and initial cleanup stage) and you decide to cancel that commission, I can only give you a partial refund.

5. Asking for significant changes after certain stages of the commission will increase the price of the commission. For example, if you ask for major anatomical or pose changes after the sketching phase has been completed and agreed upon, you will be charged a bit extra. The same goes for asking for significant color and/or lighting changes after those respective stages have been completed and agreed upon.


- See my gallery or Twitter for more art examples!

- Finished pieces are sent via google drive links, as this is the easiest way for me to send commissioners high quality versions of their commission.

- For less expensive commissions like my portrait commissions, I'll send the commissioner a sketch to approve and then have them pay the invoice. After this, I'll get started on finishing the commission. For more expensive commissions, however (100+ USD, for example), I will likely have the commissioner send half the payment after the sketch is shown and then the other half when the commission is finished. If the commissioner is comfortable paying the full amount after the sketch, however, that's fine as well.

- Time taken to complete a commission (and the price of said commission) can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the commission. For example, a fully rendered character concept may take over a week, while a sketchy illustration may only take a few days. For flexible commissions, typically my cleanly lined + simply shaded style is less expensive than my more painterly + rendered style.



Contact, Terms of Service, and more Information

Portraits - Headshots

50 USD


- Single character per commission

- Simple backgrounds

- 2500 px by 2500 px

- Fully rendered

- Turnaround: Usually a few days to a week

Portraits - Busts

70 USD


- Single character per commission

- Open to both simple and more complex backgrounds

- Fully rendered

Fullbodies - Painted

110 USD


- Single character per commission

- Open to both simple and more complex backgrounds. Transparent works too

- Significant objects cost extra (cost depends on complexity)

- Painterly

Fullbodies - Simple

45 USD


- Single character per commission

- Simple backgrounds or transparent backgrounds

- Cell-shaded


Price Varies

~80 USD

~120 USD

~175 USD

~175 USD


- Any amount of characters

- Turnaround varies depending on complexity

- Can do multiple levels of complexity regarding lighting, lineart, perspective, etc


Price Varies

~15 USD

~40 USD

~20 USD

~20 USD


- Have been used for stream layouts

- Sent as .png files unless specified otherwise. The .psd file can be provided