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  • 1. You agree to not mint my work(s) as an NFT or multiple NFTs.
  • 2. You agree not to feed any of my work into AI-image generators such as midjourney, dall-e, etc.
  • 3. You may not use my work to directly generate a profit, unless that is the previously agreed upon purpose of the work. For example, using one of my props in a stream that generates income is okay, but selling one of my illustrations on a T-shirt or other merchandise without telling me that that is your intent is not.
  • 4. I have the right to refuse commissions and/or commissioners that don't align with my values. This includes right-wing individuals and NFT artists and/or collectors, for example.
  • 5. If I'm unable to complete a commission due to my life circumstances, you will be given a full refund. However, if I'm at least half way through a commission (usually this means I'm past the sketching and initial cleanup stage) and you decide to cancel that commission, I can only give you a partial refund.
  • 6. Asking for significant changes after certain stages of the commission will increase the price of the commission. For example, if you ask for major anatomical or pose changes after the sketching phase has been completed and agreed upon, you will be charged extra. The same goes for asking for significant color and/or lighting changes after those respective stages have been completed and agreed upon. An abundance of changes during the sketching phase can also incur a higher fee.


  • 1. All prices are in USD, and I use PayPal to send invoices to clients.
  • 2. I’ll ask for payment after I’ve completed the sketch and the commissioner has approved said sketch. I’m okay with a commissioner paying half at this stage if the commission is expensive (over 100 USD) and then paying the rest once the commission is completed, however the commissioner won’t be sent the image file until I’ve been fully paid.


  • I'm willing to work with very specific requests or types of commissions that aren't listed here, and have done so in the past! The only thing I know I'm not comfortable with offering at the moment is textures for 3D models or 3D models themselves.
  • I'm willing to do NSFW commissions, but they will cost extra. My blacklist for NSFW: underage, noncon, zoophilia, fetishization of trans bodies and/or POC bodies, and any kinks that aren't harmful but just gross me out (like watersports). You also have to be 18+ to order of course, and I'll need to see your age displayed somewhere on any social media account. As such, I'd prefer if you dm'd me on twitter or tumblr, or included a link to one of your accounts in your email!


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  • Price: Varies, ask me for a quote
  • - Any amount of characters
  • - Will do many levels of complexity. More complex (detailed background, 3-point perspective, many characters, multiple lighting sources, etc) = higher price
  • Prices of the featured illustrations (left to right, top to bottom): 200 USD, 80 USD, 175 USD, 120 USD, 175 USD


  • Price: 50 USD
  • - Simple backgrounds only
  • - One character per commission. Willing to do couples icons (2 full, separate portraits that link together) for 90 USD
  • - 2500 px by 2500px


  • Price: 70 USD
  • - One character per commission. Willing to do couples icons (2 full, separate portraits that link together) for 120 USD
  • - Background can be simple or somewhat detailed


  • Price: 110 USD
  • - One character per commission
  • - Background can be simple, transparent, or somewhat detailed
  • - Complex objects (like the chair in the first image) will cost extra. Most weapons wouldn't be counted as complex objects


  • Price: 45 USD
  • - One character per commission
  • - Background can be simple or transparent


  • Price: Starts at 15 USD. Ask me for a quote
  • - Sent as .png files unless specified otherwise
  • - The props below have specifically been designed for a stream layout
  • Prices of the featured props (left to right): 40 USD, 20 USD, 20 USD