Also known as Sunna, Sól is the Norse goddess of the sun. In Old Norse legends, she's said to ride across the sky each day in a chariot, pulling the sun through the sky with her (she's also said to be the sun). All while being chased by the wolf Skóll, who, when Ragnarok comes, will swallow her/the sun. She'll then give birth to a daughter, who will take on her name and her mother's former duty as the sun. Despite this, Sól is said to find her race against Skóll to be a fun game.

Wheels, flaming swords, chariots, summer/Midsummer, gold, and the rune Sól/Sowilo are all images commonly associated with Sól.

I like to represent Sól as a sun with an eye in the center, since I used to draw the sun this way a lot before I became a Norse Pagan, so it's kinda become personally important symbolism. To me, it represents that the sun is alive and watches over the Earth. This isn't really what Sól is known for, but I find the thought comforting.

While I still honor Máni, Sól's brother, I feel the most connected to her.


Máni is the Norse god of the moon. He's also thought to ride a chariot, pulling the moon through the night sky as he outruns Hati, a wolf, just like how Sól outruns Skóll. One of Máni's most important roles is that of a time keeper for humanity. He's essentially the moon's guide.

The moon, silver, nighttime, calendars/time/clocks, and tides are all symbols commonly associated with Máni.

If I draw the moon with an eye, it's closed. This is kinda the same deal with the sun. I see the moon as being alive, but essentially "asleep" constantly, like it isn't aware that it exists. I guess you could call it (the moon, not Máni) a sleeping god.

I'll be honest, all of this is still pretty sensitive to me in terms of the paganism stuff. My ancestry is a mix of primarily Norse, Scottish (just learned about this one), French, and English, all while I live in and grew up in the U.S, so it's a bit confusing lol. I feel the most connected to the Norse part though, so I'm choosing to primarily focus on it, but of course I acknowledge the others and how shitty most of my (mainly recent) ancestors were. I remember reading something about Odal/Othila (heritage/inheritence rune) that was essentially: the actions of your ancestors are passed down their lineage to you, and it's your responsibility to right their wrongs to the best of your ability (at least that's how I interpretted it). I'm not sure how accurate that is to how Othila was actually viewed in ancient times, but I'm choosing to take it to heart regardless.

I don't have anyone to practice Norse Pagan traditions with unfortunately, since I live in a VERY catholic neighborhood (help), but I'm trying my best on my own. I'm not sure how much I wanna talk with other people about this yet, but if there are any other Norse Pagans reading this, hi!! Same hat!!

I've done research outside of this one site of course, but this is where I got most of my descriptions from!